Custom Order Info

Need shirts for your band, business, or event? Here's what to know before placing your order.

While most designs tend to be 1-4 colors, we can print up to 8 colors on dark garments and up to 10 colors on light garments. Please keep minimums and set-up costs in mind when determining how many colors will be in your image. We use pthalate-free plastisol inks and will match your desired ink colors as close as possible.

12 pieces per color in your design. Ex: 3 color design= 36 piece minimum.

It is important that you provide art files that are ready to use.

Files created in Adobe Illustrator are best. Vector files. Make sure that any text is converted to outlines.

We can use artwork that has been created in Photoshop. These files must be at least 300 dpi at print size and contain layers for multi-color designs.

All new art will be set up and a proof sent to you for approval before the job commences.

If you do not have artwork to provide or a lot of work needs to be done to make your file usable, you may incur art time charges @$20 per half hour.

There are so many options to choose from! Consider fabric, weight, feel, cut, and cost. There are basic tees available, premium tees, and many options in between depending on what's important to you. See the Garment page for more details.

Initial set-up costs are $23 per color in your design. This includes the film charge of $15 per color (one-time fee) and the screen charge of $8 per color. For reorders, there will only be the $8 screen charge per color.

For example: an order that is for a 3 color design printed on the front of shirts, the initial set-up costs will be $69. For an order that consists of 2 colors printed on the front and 2 colors printed on the back, the initial set-up costs are $92.

If your design requires an underbase, this too will require a piece of film and a screen. Ex: If you have a 2 color design- say red and yellow ink, going on black shirts, this would require an underbase and your set-up costs would be $69. (For reorders of the same design- you would have only screen charges, totalling $24.)

When printing on dark garments, often the colors need to have an underbase. This goes under all or some of the colors. The underbase is printed first and then given a flash of high heat to quick dry it so that the other color(s) can be printed on top. This is espcially true when printing colors like red or yellow on black tees. Otherwise, the color will just soak up into the black and not show up. However, when printing white, or tonal inks, this can either be underbased to make the color pop, or you can leave it as-is for a non-flashed, less opaque look. This is a common look for vintage style tees or band tees. It's down to preference.

Once we have received your artwork and the details of your order have been confirmed, you will be provided with a quote to approve before the garments are ordered. Your estimate will be based on the garments you have chosen and the artwork you have provided.

Email us to start your order.

Please specify where you want your image to be printed and how wide you want your image to be. Most common print locations are full front, left chest, full back, tag print (small upper back). Max print width is 15" wide, but this will also be dependent on how wide we can print on the smallest size garment in your order. Max long sleeve print is 15" long. Size and placement will be noted on your art proof. Please confirm upon approval. Break out your ruler when determining size.

In general, turnaround is about 2 weeks from the time your order details are confirmed. We will work to any event date you have, where possible. Please advise of your event date/in-hands date upon first contact .

We ship all over the states via UPS. The shipping costs will be passed on to you and will be shown on your invoice along with tracking details.